What Is A Leach Field For A Septic Tank?

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A septic tank is a concrete, fiberglass, or plastic chamber that receives sewage from household drains. The solid matter in the sewage settles at the bottom of the tank while the effluent (liquid waste) flows out to a leach field for further treatment. As a vital drain system, it’s essential to understand some of the crucial components and their roles. But first, learning more about the leach field and the necessary maintenance concepts is critical. What Is a Leach Field for a Septic Tank? A leach field, also known as a leach drain or leaching field, is an area designed... View Article

I’m Moving Into a Home With a Septic Tank. What Should I Do About Maintenance?

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Congratulations on your purchase of a new home. You adopt many things as a new homeowner, and a septic system might be one of them. Here are some common questions you might ask about your septic system so that you’ll be better prepared to care for it:  How Do Septic Systems Work? Septic systems are complex units that collect wastewater from your home, remove large materials and waste from it, and then deliver the remaining water to the environment. These systems keep the environment clean and homeowners healthy when working correctly.    How Do You Take Care of a Septic... View Article

Mound Versus Conventional Septic Systems

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Septic system size and design can vary greatly due to several factors. Such factors include soil type, site slope, household size, lot size, proximity to water bodies, weather conditions, and local regulations. Here is a list of the most common septic systems used. Mound system Conventional system Drip distribution system Septic tank system Recirculating system Aerobic treatment unit Community or luster system Constructed wetland system Evapotranspiration system Your septic system allows you and your loved ones to live in a healthy and clean environment. Thus, consider the type of septic system you’d require to use as a replacement should the existing one... View Article

What Are The Main Components of a Septic System?

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As a homeowner, you have to maintain your septic tank, and you should take this duty seriously as it can go a long way in protecting your investment in the property. If you properly construct, treat, and maintain your septic system, it can serve your home for decades. On the other hand, poor construction, treatment, and maintenance of a septic system might result in high repair bills and other problems like environmental pollution and groundwater contamination. To properly maintain your septic system, you need to understand it. Here’s an insight. What Are the Two Main Components of a Septic System?... View Article

How Long Does a Septic System Last?

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You have probably heard a lot about septic tanks. A septic tank is simply an underground chamber made from different materials where wastewater or sewage is drained and treated. A septic tank or system can be made of concrete, plastic or fibreglass construction materials which require professional installation and management. You might be wondering how long does a septic system last? The lifespan of a septic system depends on the type of construction material it is made of, the size, and the operational purpose. This article will guide you on what you need to know about septic tanks and their... View Article

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