Five Advantages of Hydro Jetting in Cleveland, TX

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Clogged drains are an unfortunate fact of life for most homeowners. Even the most careful person can accidentally drop food scraps down the drain. Grease and other debris can inevitably accumulate in the pipes just from an average family living their day-to-day life. Many people will reach for a bottle of chemical cleaners to eliminate the clog, but these can be dangerous to both your pipes and your family, as they leave behind hazardous residue and fumes. Did you know there is a safer choice? Hydro jetting can efficiently clean the drains without using toxic chemicals. A hose is snaked... View Article

Protect Your Septic System This Winter with These Simple Tips

November 17, 2017 Published by Leave your thoughts

Septic tank problems can be frustrating regardless of the time of year. But seemingly small issues can turn into a major disaster during the winter months when it comes to your septic tank. A frozen tank, accumulated sludge or a failed system can be both costly and challenging repairs from the months of December to March. Luckily, a few simple steps can help you avoid this nightmare. After all, you should be spending this time of the year enjoying time with family at holiday celebrations or cozying up around a warm fire. Follow these simple tips to protect your septic... View Article

Ask a Septic Expert: When Should I Have My Grease Trap Pumped?

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Restaurant kitchens are inherently filled with greasy, messy food. From grilled chicken to French fries, many foods inevitably produce a bit of a mess as the fats cook away or the oil overflows during the deep frying process. Ultimately, all of these liquids have to go somewhere, or else they would just clog the pipes. This can lead to flooding, which will require expensive repairs and even pose a major threat to your employees and guests. That is where the grease trap comes in. This invaluable tool traps any fats, oils and grease from cooking to prevent them from entering... View Article

Should I Buy a House That Has a Septic System?

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The idea of purchasing a home with a septic system can make even the most experienced prospective homeowner reconsider whether they really want to make an offer. For many people, switching to something other than the traditional municipal sewer system they have become accustomed to can be intimidating. But this standalone system designed to dispose and treat wastewater independently of a sewer system shouldn’t be feared. In fact, a septic system is often a more efficient and cost effective method that’s frequently used in both rural and urban environments. To help you embrace the idea of purchasing a home with... View Article

Signs Something Is Wrong with Your Septic System

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If you take care not to overload your septic system and not to place any harmful items (like cat litter or chemicals) into the toilet or drain, it will probably function as it should the large majority of the time, especially with the recommended routine maintenance. However, as with anything we rely on in our daily lives, you may occasionally run into something that makes you wonder whether your septic system is in need of repair. As a provider of septic tank service in Cleveland, TX, we have years of experience in identifying septic system issues, and we recommend that... View Article