Where Should Septic Tanks Be Placed?

April 8, 2022 Published by Leave your thoughts

You’re probably wondering where should septic tanks be placed. When choosing the best location for your septic tank, keep in mind that it is an investment and should be placed in an area that is easy to access and maintain. The location should have good drainage and not be near heavy traffic. Know the type of wastewater that your home uses. Also consider the type of soil in which it will be located, the available sunlight, and the proximity of other drainage systems.  Sewage removal systems should be placed in accordance with the topography of the property. Where the land is... View Article

The Do’s and Don’ts of Septic Systems

March 24, 2022 Published by Leave your thoughts

A septic tank is an essential addition to your home. Like any other part of your homestead, your septic system needs proper care and upkeep to help maintain its structural integrity and functionality. The following are septic system do’s and don’ts. Do Maintain Your Septic Tank The key to increasing your septic tank’s longevity is to maintain it regularly. As a general rule of thumb, have your septic tank inspected at least once a year. Do gravity system and proprietary system inspections every year. Repair issues such as cracks and leaks as soon as you notice them. Hire a professional to... View Article

What Are the Signs Your Septic System Needs to be Replaced?

March 10, 2022 Published by Leave your thoughts

The functionality of your home’s septic system is highly dependent on proper maintenance, which includes pumping after three to five years and regular repairs due to wear and tear. Even though these repairs ensure maximum functionality and longevity, over the years, the septic system comes to an inevitable end, and it has to be replaced. Fortunately, you don’t have to wait until the system completely fails for you to know that it’s time for a replacement. Watch out for the following septic system failure signs, which will prompt you early enough to call experts. Lush Grass Near the Septic Tank... View Article

Are Septic Additives Worth It?

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If you own a septic tank, you have probably heard of septic system additives. These products include a variety of bacteria and septic system enzymes that are supposed to keep your septic system running smoothly. Are septic system additives worth it? Do they really do what their manufacturers claim they do? Are they helping your septic system, or could they be hurting it? Here are the truths behind the myths. The science of septic system additives Septic system additives can be broken down into three categories of products: biological, inorganic and organic. Many of these additives introduce bacteria into your... View Article

How Do Grease Traps Work?

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If your property features a grease trap, it is crucial to understand its operation and maintenance. This will allow you to properly use and clean the trap for optimal performance and to prevent fines due to noncompliance. Use the following FAQ to understand the all-important question: How do grease traps work? How do grease traps work? Whether you are asking how a grease trap works in a restaurant or how one works in another setting, they operate on similar principles. If your property has a kitchen, it should feature a drain. This drain is routed through a grease trap. The... View Article

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