Why Bother with Septic Enzymes?

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Millions of homes and businesses across the country rely on septic systems for waste disposal and processing. These systems are designed to offer efficient and effective waste disposal for properties that are not connected to municipal sewer systems. Because these systems are not managed by municipalities, however, it’s important for property owners to practice proper use, care and maintenance of their systems. One of the most important aspects of septic system maintenance in Cleveland, TX is bacterial balance. Read on to find out more about the importance of septic bacteria and how septic enzyme additives can benefit your system. Why... View Article

What to Expect After Septic Tank Pumping

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Pumping out a septic tank isn’t a topic you probably want to think about much. But this process is necessary every once and while to keep the septic tank running well. Maintaining a regular maintenance schedule will pay off in the long run by avoiding costly repairs. The tank should generally be pumped when it’s at 30-50 percent capacity or every one to three years. If you’re looking to hire professionals in septic tank pumping in Cleveland, TX, you’re probably wondering what exactly this will entail. Read on to find out the details of septic tank pumping. The setup: The... View Article

What do You Know about Septic Enzymes?

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If you’re a home or business owner with a septic tank instead of a sewer line, there are some things you should know about keeping the system running smoothly. One in five Americans live in a home using a septic system, and it’s somewhat more complicated than being hooked into the sewer system. Bacteria plays an important role in regulating the septic system. That’s where septic enzymes come in. Enzymes are part of regular septic system maintenance in Cleveland, TX, as they help restore the correct bacterial environment in your septic tank. Let’s take a look at how enzymes work... View Article

Grease Trap Maintenance Explained

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In 2017, Baltimore had a tough run-in with something called a “fatberg,” a large lump of grease and garbage that blocked its sewer line and caused sewage to overflow. Once the city’s engineers investigated, they found that almost 85 percent of some sewage pipes were clogged with the congealed fat. Though the fatberg was eventually broken up and disposed of, it caused a lot of damage and mess before it was cleared. This shocking story shows just how important it is to practice regular grease trap cleaning in Cleveland, TX. A grease trap or commercial grease interceptor is used by... View Article

Maintenance Tips from a Septic Expert

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When a septic system is maintained properly, it can last for years and years. When it’s not maintained, however, your septic system may cause huge problems for you that bring large costs and logistical nightmares. It’s important to think about maintenance so you can stop a problem before it starts. As you commit to septic system maintenance in Cleveland, TX, you might have questions about where to start. Read on to find out more about what experts are saying: Treat your system well: It’s vital to be aware of what items and materials can harm a septic system, and to... View Article