Why Choose a Submersible Sump Pump?

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Is your home in a flood zone? Do you have a basement or below-ground crawl space? Then it’s time to count yourself among the millions of homeowners who have come to rely on a sump pump to mitigate short- and long-term water damage. There’s no end to the amount of damage and money loss a simple sump pump can prevent.

Why do I need a sump pump?

Not only is “sump pump” just plain fun to say, but this vital piece of home equipment can also save you thousands of dollars by keeping your house safe in a variety of ways. When floodwaters threaten, a sump pump in Cleveland, TX can go a long way toward curtailing massive damage. If you have issues with pooling groundwater in your below-ground space, a sump pump can help prevent long-term damage like developing mold and moss by collecting groundwater and expelling it from your basement before it can do any harm.

What kind of sump pump do I need?

If you find yourself in the market for a new sump pump, you may find yourself a little confused by the sheer number of options on offer. There are water-powered pumps, floor sucker pumps and pedestal pumps. Most qualified professionals, however, recommend the installation of a submersible pump for long-term results and quality of life.

What is a submersible sump pump?

An integral part of any sump pump system is the sump pit. In its most basic terms, a sump pit is a big bucket placed at the spot in your basement where groundwater naturally collects. The sump pump’s job is to redirect the water that collects in the pit.

A submersible sump pump in Cleveland, TX differs from the alternatives in that it is placed underwater inside the sump pit. There are several upsides to the submersible setup:

  • Submersible pumps tend to be both more powerful and longer-lasting than the rest of the sump pumps on the market.
  • One of the most common reasons that a pump malfunctions is due to its generating too much heat. Because they’re in the water, submersible pumps tend to resist overheating better than their competitors.
  • Over time, a lot of sump pumps can develop a musty, moldy smell. Submersible pumps, by comparison, can be enclosed in your sump pit and covered with an airtight (and smell-tight) lid.

The initial investment required to install a submersible sump pump may be higher than the rest of the options on the market, but when disaster strikes, you’ll be glad you have the added security of a submersible sump pump.

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