Are Septic Additives Worth It?

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If you own a septic tank, you have probably heard of septic system additives. These products include a variety of bacteria and septic system enzymes that are supposed to keep your septic system running smoothly.

Are septic system additives worth it? Do they really do what their manufacturers claim they do? Are they helping your septic system, or could they be hurting it?

Here are the truths behind the myths.

The science of septic system additives

Septic system additives can be broken down into three categories of products: biological, inorganic and organic. Many of these additives introduce bacteria into your system. This seems to make sense because your septic system relies on bacteria to break down waste; however, the truth is, your septic tank doesn’t need more bacteria.

The bacteria in your septic system can double every 20 minutes. As you use your septic system, more bacteria are produced. As you use it less, fewer bacteria are produced, but then they surge back once the system use increases again.

If you add a few ounces of bacteria to your tank by using septic system additives, this is highly unlikely to affect the function of your tank. Any rumors that your septic system needs these added bacteria is simply a myth. There is little scientific evidence that you need to place these septic system additives in your tank.

Not all septic system additives are created equal

While many septic system additives are placebos, others may offer some assistance to your septic system maintenance. Special formula enzymes (which are different than bacteria) may enhance your system’s performance.

When your septic system has a good balance of enzymes, it is less likely to clog, overflow or experience other issues. Keeping it running smoothly with simple septic system enzymes could help you save time and money down the line. The trick is to choose the right septic enzymes.

Cleveland Septic offers a special formula of enzymes. This exclusive blend is designed to help you properly maintain your septic system. For a low cost of just $10 a month, you could save thousands of dollars in the long run.

The enzymes feature a convenient container that helps homeowners remember to drop one pouch in the commode once a month. These septic system enzymes are also readily available. They can be shipped directly to your home, or you can ask a Cleveland Septic driver for them at your time of service.

The bottom line

It is not worth the expense to purchase every septic system additive on the market; however, certain products may provide assistance with the maintenance of your septic system. It is important to partner with trusted septic professionals to purchase only the products you need.

We know additives

For trusted septic services and quality septic system enzymes, contact the professionals at Cleveland Septic. Ask about our exclusive blend of enzymes that are affordable and convenient. Call us today to learn more about how we can help you keep your septic system running smoothly year after year. Reach our experts at 281-399-0155.

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