Why It’s Important to Clean Grease Traps Regularly

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Grease traps are a crucial part of any restaurant. They’re used to ensure that the fat, grease and oil leftover from cooking food is properly disposed of and doesn’t clog sewer lines and pipes. While the grease trap will work efficiently at this task, eventually you will need to do some grease trap maintenance.

Let’s look at why it’s important to regularly clean out the grease trap.


It’s time to face facts: Potential customers will only go to your restaurant if it passes the smell test. If they walk in and your restaurant smells gross, it doesn’t matter if your food is great—they will never taste it because they’ll walk out right away.

Kitchen grease trap cleaning is necessary because grease traps are full of food waste. Leave it for too long, and the rotting smell will waft into the restaurant.

Damage caused by waste

Another reason it’s important to clean the grease trap is if food waste is left for too long, it becomes hydrogen sulfur gas which then morphs into sulfuric acid. This extremely toxic chemical is liable to damage the tank’s steel walls if it’s not cleaned out regularly. Invest in grease trap maintenance to avoid costly repairs or replacement down the line.

Grease trap becomes harder to clean

Just like anything else, if you leave the grease trap to become dirtier and dirtier, over time it will be much more difficult to clean. Food waste can harden and stick to the tank, making cleaning take more time and energy. Think about it: If you left dirty dishes in the sink for a week, it’s going to be much more difficult to clean them. It’s recommended that you have the grease traps cleaned at least monthly.

Clogged drainage system

The grease interceptor works by capturing the grease on top and the solid food waste at the bottom of the tank. Failure to clean means waste will pile up in the tank. Leave it for too long, and you will begin to see backups in the kitchen sink and dishwasher that will flow into the sewer systems.

In extreme cases, this will cause pipeline blockages that prevent the flow of wastewater. Ultimately, attempting to save money by cheating a bit on grease trap cleaning will lead to disgusting backups and overflow that will result in costly damages.

Municipal penalties

Towns and cities have penalties associated with the improper treatment of grease traps. Some may have penalties for not installing a grease trap or for not maintaining the equipment properly. The city will spot issues in the sewers caused by nonfunctional grease traps. On top of repair and replacement, you could be looking at paying city fines.

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