Can You Use the Toilet During Septic Pumping?

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While it’s not a pleasant thing to think about, getting your septic tank pumped is one of those things that just has to be done every once in a while. It’s important to get your septic tank pumped on a regular schedule, but it usually only needs to get done once every one to three years, so at least you won’t be having to experience it all the time.

Still, you may have questions about the relationship between the toilet and the septic tank. For example, can you use the toilet during septic pumping? Here is more information on the process of getting a septic tank pumped, including toilet-septic tank info.

Septic pumping process

The process of pumping a septic tank usually takes no longer than an hour. It’s not usually an incredibly complex procedure, but there are a few steps involved in pumping a septic tank that you should know about.

When the septic pumper arrives, they will first locate the lid or lids of your septic tank. They will then dig them up (they’re not usually very deep) and open them for pumping access. The level of liquid will be noted to ensure there are no obvious leaks in the system or issues with the drain field.

After this is when the pumping begins. A vacuum hose is attached to the septic truck and lowered through the access point into your septic tank. The solids and liquid are pumped out into the truck while the technician watches for backflow, which may indicate a drain field backup.

Once your tank is pumped, the technician will thoroughly clean the tank by back flushing water to loosen the sludge in the corners of the tank for removal. The interior of the tank is then sprayed with clean water to wash it out.

Once the entire process is finished, the last step is to fill in the hole that was dug to access the septic tank lid. Any sod that was cut will be carefully replaced and the area will be left looking as undisturbed as possible.

Toilets and septic tanks

If you absolutely have to use the toilet during the septic tank pumping process, it is probably going to be fine. There shouldn’t be anything inherent in the pumping process that would be disastrously affected by one toilet flush. But if you can hold it, you might want to wait until the process is finished just to be sure.

Remember that no matter when you flush, there are some things that should never go down the toilet if you have a septic tank. Basically, the only things that should ever be flushed are waste from your body and toilet paper. Do not flush paper towels, sanitary products, cigarette butts, flushable wipes or anything else. This will lead to more frequent pumping being required.

When you need your septic tank pumped, it’s important to hire a company with the right experience to get the job done quickly, efficiently and correctly. Contact Cleveland Septic today for experienced and efficient septic pumping service.

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