Maintain a Healthy Septic System by Adding Our Quality Enzymes

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Septic systems are a great way to treat your wastewater, especially if municipal sewer lines aren’t available in your area. While they typically require more maintenance and care than using the city sewer system, when you take care of them properly, they do an excellent job.

One of the best ways to make sure your septic system is operating as it should is to add septic system enzymes. Read on to learn more about septic enzymes and what our quality enzymes can do for your septic system.

How septic systems work

Every time you run the dishwasher, washing machine, sink, shower or toilet, the wastewater travels from the pipes into your septic tank. The wastewater separates into three different layers: solids at the bottom, dirty water in the middle and fats, oils and grease at the top.

The solids decompose in the tank, while the water flows out into the septic system drain field. Then, helpful bacteria “treats” the water by getting rid of organic matter. The water is absorbed into the groundwater supply system, at which point it is ready for drinking and other uses.

What septic system enzymes will do

If you’re already a septic system owner, you know there are plenty of rules about what can and can’t be flushed. That’s because sending harsh chemicals down the drain can kill the helpful bacteria in the septic tank. The waste solids won’t break down as quickly (or at all), which leaves your tank prone to overflows and other problems. You’ll end up needing to pump your tank more frequently than normal.

Septic enzymes are a great way to speed up the decomposition process. They often come in a liquid form, which you can flush down the toilet so they reach the tank. This gives the helpful bacteria a boost—some enzymes contain additional bacteria, while others contain nutrients along with the enzymes. This allows the helpful bacteria to break down solids faster and more reliably, so you’ll go longer between pumping appointments. While the enzymes won’t remove the need for regular septic maintenance, you’re less likely to experience backups or other issues.

Try our quality septic enzymes for yourself

Ready to treat your septic system? Cleveland Septic offers our own proprietary blend of septic system enzymes.

This product is a specially blended formula which is designed to improve and maintain septic tank and cesspool performance. You’ll get one 20 oz packet of All Pro’s microbial formula, which contains 2 billion bacterial organisms per gram. For best results, simply flush one packet per month in your toilet that’s nearest to the septic tank. This will help your tank break down organic matter and ensure you don’t get clogs or backups at the least convenient moment possible.

Cleveland Septic is here to help with all your septic system needs. If your septic system requires service or repair, we can assist you. Call us today to get our septic enzymes or schedule a service appointment. Mention this blog post and get a year’s supply of septic system enzymes for just $75!

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