How to Find the Right Septic System for Your Property

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Used as an alternative to sewer systems, septic systems are a necessary component for many Cleveland, TX households. They work to effectively dispose of and treat wastewater from the home. If you’re interested in having a septic system installed at your home, it’s important to do plenty of research. You want to find one that can effectively treat all the wastewater coming from your household. That’s why it’s best to consider the septic tank’s size and design before choosing one.

More about the septic system

The septic tank and the drain field are the main components of a septic system. While in the septic tank, solids and liquids separate from your home’s wastewater. The separated water is then sent to the drain field, where it’s filtered by the soil. This drain field is usually located at least 100 feet from the septic tank.

Getting the right size tank

Septic tanks come in many different sizes, and choosing the right one is extremely important. Having a septic tank that’s too small could result in sewage backups and other issues. When deciding on the right septic tank size, you first need to think about how many people live in your household. Households with more people will typically need a larger septic tank.

It’s a good rule of thumb to get a septic tank that holds double the amount of water your household uses in a day. Consider all the water your household uses, then come up with a good estimate in gallons. Large families often require a 1,000-gallon tank or larger. The best way to determine what size would work best for your needs is by consulting a reputable septic services provider in your area.

Having a septic tank installed

It’s best to check with your local Department of Health before having a septic tank installed. They will usually give you information on any permits required for installing a septic tank.  You’ll then want to find some local companies that specialize in septic tank services and get some estimates. It’s also smart to factor in any landscaping costs that may follow having your land excavated.

For the most part, septic systems take about a week to install, although this can all depend on local weather and the quality of your soil.

The cost of septic tank installation

The cost of your septic tank installation depends on several factors, including where in Cleveland, TX you live and how large of a tank you’re having installed. Costs can also vary based on the type of septic tank you choose. For example, concrete and fiberglass septic tanks are usually a bit more expensive than plastic ones. Purchasing a long warranty will also increase the price of your septic tank installation, although the peace of mind it provides is likely to be well worth it.

Septic systems are a great option for many people living in Cleveland, TX. When choosing the right tank, be sure to consider your home’s daily water usage. It’s also good to check if your local municipality has septic tank size requirements.

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