The When and Why of Septic Enzymes

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If you own a septic system long enough, something will likely go wrong with it. It may not be an explosive failure, but it could be efficiency issues that lead to the need for septic enzymes. That is why it is important to know why septic enzymes are necessary and the right time to use enzymes in a septic system in Cleveland, TX. Here is an overview of how septic systems work and when you need to give them a little help.

The need for good bacteria

Your septic system relies on natural processes to break down organic solids and, once they are rendered benign, release them into the soil. This happens through the use of naturally occurring “good” bacteria that helps this breakdown process.

Unfortunately, it can be too easy to kill off this good bacteria and cause problems. If you accidentally dump paint, chlorine (from pools or hot tubs), medications, automotive fluids or pesticides into your tank, you will likely reduce the number of good bacteria. This will cause solids to build up, and eventually lead to failure and unsanitary conditions.

If you make this mistake, have no fear—that’s where enzymes and additives can help you. When you add enzymes, they are in the form of smaller molecules that bacteria can easily “eat” and digest. This helps them work more efficiently and eventually move up to the larger solids. You can usually administer these enzymes by flushing them down the toilet either as a powder or a liquid.

Other additives may be good bacteria on their own. This replaces the bacteria you killed off and helps stabilize the population. This will eventually allow solids to break up and return to the leach field.

Treatments may come in monthly or even three-, four-, six- or 12-month dosages. They will last as long as your septic tank. For one-time clogs, you can use single-use treatments to clear it up. If you have a difficult time staying on schedule with treatments, consider timing them around holidays or quarterly events.

Maintaining balance

Once you find your septic tank balance again, help it stay that way. Avoid the substances listed above, but also stay away from sending oils, fats and grease down your drain. This will create a floating layer of scum that never decomposes and will eventually need to be removed. Also avoid flushing items like wet wipes and dental floss, as they also interfere with bacteria and cause unhelpful debris buildup.

You also need to pump your septic tank on a regular schedule. Depending on the demand you put on your septic system, this may need to happen once a year or every few years. Pumping removes any grease or solids that merely accumulate, and it is a good opportunity to test your bacteria levels.

Cleveland Septic offers septic services that can help you determine the right time to use enzymes in your septic system in Cleveland, TX. We offer septic cleaning, pumping, repair and replacement so your septic system continues to work smoothly. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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