What to Expect When Selling a House with a Failed Septic System

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Selling a house with a septic system in Cleveland, TX can be a tricky process, especially if the system has failed. It’s important to be aware of the effect of a failed septic system on home value. If you’re going to go on the market with a failed system, consider the following two things you should expect.


If you don’t want to repair the septic system before selling the home, you must be willing to reduce the asking price of the property. The price must reflect the presence of the failed system. It will not be appealing to buyers unless the price makes up for the future repairs or replacement that the new owners will have to complete to make the home livable.

To properly price the home, consult with a septic specialist to get an estimate for the needed repairs or new system. Have this estimate on hand for the buyers, so they can feel confident that they know what they are getting into if they buy the property. Then, price the home to reflect his future buyer cost and the inconvenience that comes with it.

You must also keep in mind that, even if you reduce the price to make up for the failed system, this situation will make your home less appealing. It will reduce the number of buyers who will be interested in your property.


Due to the effect of a failed septic system on your home value in Cleveland, TX, you may decide it’s worth the investment to go ahead and repair the septic system before you try to sell the home. While a failed system will reduce the value and the number of potential buyers, a new system or newly-repaired tank will add to the value and appeal. You can list “new septic system” among the outstanding features of your property. Buyers will be more inclined to consider your home, knowing the septic system is in good condition.

Which is best for your situation?

To determine whether you should try selling a house with a septic system in Cleveland, TX that has failed or make the necessary repairs first, consult with your realtor and your local septic experts. These professionals can provide estimates and guidance to help you choose the best course of action for your property.

Keep in mind that local regulations may also require some action on your part to make the property suitable for habitation. Again, your septic professionals and your real estate agent can inform you of anything that you should consider as you decide whether to repair your septic system or sell your home as is.

Contact your local experts

If you’re selling a house with a septic system in Cleveland, TX, reach out to the team at Cleveland Septic. We’ve been the area’s go-to source for all things septic since 1999. Our experts offer installation, repair and maintenance for septic tanks, as well as free estimates. Before you decide how to price your home for resale, contact us—we’ll provide the insight you need to make the best decision for your sale.

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