Things That Happen During Routine Septic Maintenance

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Septic systems have a variety of benefits, like being eco-friendly and energy efficient, but they do have one drawback: they require professional maintenance every few years or so. This post will cover what goes into routine septic maintenance in Cleveland, TX and why it’s so essential:

  • Pumping: The number-one aspect of routine maintenance is having your tank pumped. The frequency at which your tank needs to be pumped depends on a few factors, including your household size, usage and tank size. After the tank is pumped, the waste is hauled off to a waste treatment plant.
  • Cleaning: Along with being pumped, your septic tank may need professional cleaning. Cleaning involves removing any solids stuck on the inside of the tank that could cause blockages, backups or other septic mishaps down the road.
  • Inspection: After your septic system technician has finished pumping and cleaning your tank, he’ll perform an in-depth inspection of the whole system. Among other things, he’ll check the tank for any structural flaws and walk around the drain field to ensure everything’s in working order.
  • Water jetting: Regardless of how well you maintain your septic system, solids will eventually accumulate in the drain pipes. The best way to clear out this debris is by blasting through it with a high-pressure water jet. Have this service performed every five years.

Why is maintenance important?

We wouldn’t put together a whole post about routine maintenance for septic systems in Cleveland, TX if it wasn’t so important! Here are the top reasons to call a professional to maintain your system:

  • Ensure proper functionality: Just like with other appliances and systems in your home, you can’t expect your septic system to work properly if it isn’t maintained. Hiring a septic professional helps ensure everything works as it should and avoids the need for repairs.
  • Prolong lifespan: Your septic system should last for as long as you’re in your home, as long as you maintain it. Failing to follow our maintenance advice could lead to expensive system replacement.

Other forms of maintenance

Along with calling a professional for routine septic maintenance in Cleveland, TX, homeowners should follow these tips to ensure their septic system works its best:

  • Use high-efficiency appliances: Septic tanks can only hold so much water at a time. To get the most out of your system and avoid any problems, upgrade to low-flow toilets and other eco-friendly appliances that reduce water consumption.
  • Watch what you flush: The only product that should ever be flushed down the toilet is toilet paper. Anything else—even the products that claim to be “flushable”—will cause clogs in the system and lead to nasty backups.
  • Be careful around the drain: Even if you don’t have a septic system, you should avoid putting any solids down the drain. This is especially important for septic tank owners, though. Solid foods and grease clog up the system, which will necessitate expensive repairs.

If it’s been a while since you’ve hired someone for routine maintenance for your septic system in Cleveland, TX, then call our professionals at Cleveland Septic. We offer a variety of septic services like pumping, cleaning, repairs and part replacement, so we’re you’re one-stop shop for all of your septic needs.

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