Everything You Need to Know About Septic Control Panels

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If you thought septic systems just consist of a tank, some pipes and a drain field, think again! Septic systems are complex, consisting of a variety of components that must work in harmony to ensure your household waste is properly disposed of.

One of the components that works behind the scenes to keep your waste moving freely is the septic control panel in Cleveland, TX. This post will teach you everything you need to know about the all-important control panels.

What do panels do?

Simply put, control panels monitor everything that’s going on with your septic system. They power the water and air pumps. They also have alarms that alert homeowners when there’s a pump failure or high water. If the alarm should ever go off, homeowners need to call their septic repair technician as soon as possible to fix the issue. Without a properly working panel, your septic system won’t work as it should, and you could end up with some nasty waste problems on your property or in your home.

Types of panels

Septic system control panels are broken down into four categories: aerobic, simplex, duplex and time dosing control panels. Here’s a little bit of information about each type of panel:

  • Aerobic: As the name suggests, aerobic control panels are meant for aerobic septic systems. The panels control both the air and water pumps, and also have alarms to notify homeowners when something is wrong with them.
  • Simplex: Homeowners with a single pump lift station are fine going with a simplex control panel. This panel features a circuit breaker for the pump, a high water alarm and fuses for the alarm. These panels are simple in design, but get the job done.
  • Duplex: A duplex control panel controls and monitors pump stations with two submersible pumps. Inside this panel, you’ll find circuit breakers for the pumps, a high water alarm and fuses for the alarm system. If you have a lift station with two submersible pumps, this is the option for you.
  • Time dosing: Every household has peak times when water usage is at its highest, typically in the morning and at night. Time dosing panels use septic timers in Cleveland, TX to evenly distribute wastewater to the secondary system during these peak hours of the day.

Panel maintenance

Just like with all other aspects of your septic system, septic control panels in Cleveland, TX need a little maintenance every now and then. During your professional maintenance call, your septic technician will take a look at the control panel and timer to ensure everything looks and functions as it should. He may also replace the fuses and test the alarm to ensure it’s in working order. If anything is wrong, he can either fix the panel or replace it with a new one.

Regardless of the type of panel you have, come to Cleveland Septic for all of your septic system needs. We install, maintain and repair all kinds of panels and septic timers in Cleveland, TX, so you know there’s nothing we can’t tackle. Call our team today to set up an appointment or to learn more about our services.

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