How Can I Tell if My Septic System Is About to Fail?

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If you pump your septic system regularly and pay attention to any developing issues, there is nearly zero chance that it will fail. But even then, if your septic system is old or experienced an unseen breach, you may be faced with a septic system failure. The best course of action is to respond quickly to the early signs of failure and know the septic system facts in Cleveland, TX that can help you avoid further damage. Here are five signs that your septic system may fail:

  • Slow drains: Common causes of septic system failure include broken pipes and tree roots blocking pipes. Also, the natural aging process of your system and the biomat may eventually lead to failure. When this occurs, your pipes become clogged and you will notice it inside your home. Toilets will flush slowly and every sink will drain slower than usual. You may also face toilets backing up. When these ordeals become routine, call for a septic system evaluation immediately.
  • Odors: When obstructed, wastewater flushes sludge out of the tanks and sends it to the drain field. Your drain field will fail to treat the waste, and decomposition will occur on the surface. This leads to a smelly situation, and a dangerous one. You will notice this outside near your drain field, but also inside your home. Eventually, this will create unsanitary conditions and threaten the health of your household.
  • Contaminated well water: If you leave the impending failure unchecked, the wastewater will flood into the distribution pipes and deposit bacteria in your well water. This will render potable water into a hazard, and household members may show signs of stomach upset and skin conditions. If you suspect any type of septic failure, test your well water as soon as possible. It may be too dangerous for cooking, drinking and bathing, and you will need to use bottled water or boil the well water until it is safe again.
  • Extra green grass: Septic effluent is an excellent fertilizer due to its high levels of nitrate and phosphate. When it leaks out of your tank, it helps vegetation grow to new, more robust levels. Lush patches of grass or areas where plants seem to flourish more than others indicates the location of a septic leak. Unfortunately, if the leak advanced this far, it is likely you are looking at a septic replacement, or at the very least extensive and costly repairs.
  • Pooling: Besides vibrant plant life, you will also find pools of effluent that look like puddles… only it has not been raining. This occurs when soil becomes saturated with effluent and the only place it can go is up to the surface. The odors will practically knock you over, too! If you notice this situation, do not enter these areas. They are not safe without protective equipment, and the soft soil around the tank can collapse and leave you stuck there. Call a professional immediately.

All Pro Septic is here for you if you face a septic system failure in Cleveland, TX. Contact us as soon as possible if you notice any of these signs.

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