Four Warning Signs It’s Time to Clean Your Grease Trap

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Your grease trap makes the difference between clogged plumbing and pipes that run smoothly. If it is not working properly, your restaurant may face an embarrassing ordeal. A clean grease trap in Cleveland, TX is also essential for smaller residential models. Here are three warning signs that you require grease trap maintenance:

  • Slow drains: If there is a backup every time you use the sink, that is the beginning of a grease trap problem. When grease traps accumulate too much debris, they can no longer do their job of keeping your pipes clean. Any grease that goes down your sink is now blocking your plumbing. If you have a grease trap, you should not experience any draining issues. If you see the signs of even a minor one, it is time to arrange for service.
  • Odors: Few things smell worse than decomposing fats, oils and grease. This will be an odor that knocks you over when you enter the kitchen as bacteria breeds in your pipes. Eventually, this smell could become noticeable to your clientele, and that will reflect poorly on any restaurant. The decomposition poses other risks as well, because it generates heat along with bad smells. This can degrade pipes and make your staff ill. Do not merely cover up the oil—arrange to have the grease trap cleaned.
  • Bathroom issues: The unfortunate impacts of all plumbing issues concentrate in bathrooms. When pipes back up with grease and fats, it affects the whole system, not just the kitchen. Toilets will flush slowly and fail to fill all the way, leading to the possibility of overflows and clogs. Water pressure drops as well, which does not help showers, dishwashers and other fixtures and appliances that require good water pressure. Bathroom plumbing issues also lead to sanitation problems that can result in illness or, if you have a restaurant, health department violations. When you see the warning signs, clean your grease trap early to prevent more serious issues.
  • New staff: If you hire new cooking staff for your restaurant, do not assume they will use common sense and avoid pouring grease down the sink. Make that part of your training and ensure they know this for certain. However, no human is perfect, and mistakes will likely occur. If you recently hired new workers, consider cleaning your grease traps more often until they get the hang of your kitchen and make fewer mistakes. This preventative measure will make hiring decisions less challenging for your pipes.

The recommended frequency for grease trap cleaning is once a month, depending on demand. Commercial grease traps may need more frequent cleanings, while residential ones can get away with waiting months between service appointments. This is a job that needs to be done thoroughly by trained professionals, who will troubleshoot any grease trap problems as well as clean them.

All Pro Septic offers grease trap maintenance service in Cleveland, TX along with our septic system expertise. If you are in need of a clean grease trap, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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