The Secret to Environmentally Safe Sewage in Conroe, TX? Septic Systems!

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As we become more and more conscious of the importance of sustainable solutions, property owners are looking for ways to create environmentally safe sewage in Conroe, TX. How is this possible? The fact is, septic systems are more environmentally friendly than other options.

What makes these systems so green? They offer a cost-effective solution that gives the homeowner greater control over their waste management and disposal. It keeps things on a smaller scale, to more easily manage waste and create environmentally safe sewage in Conroe, TX. To demonstrate this, let’s compare septic systems to standard municipal sewer systems.

Waste Generation

When water is treated by a sewage system, the plant reduces but doesn’t eliminate the waste. As a result, the waters around sewage treatment plants become polluted. The shorelines become flooded with waste because the water that the plants use cannot be retreated. Instead of reusing the water, it is sent into the ocean, where it adds to pollution.

Septic tanks, on the other hand, decompose the waste in the water. The bacteria in the tank effectively break down the waste completely, eliminating the waste instead of simply reducing it. If the bacteria are reduced or are proving less effective than desired, enzymes may be added to the tank to help break down the solids further.

Waste Containment

Septic systems typically serve one property. The property owner can maintain this system to ensure that it operates properly and does not contaminate water sources or nearby land.

Sewer systems, on the other hand, may serve entire municipalities. If a water line breaks or another mishap occurs, entire cities may be polluted and thousands of residents may be without safe water for a period of time. The smaller scale helps make septic systems a good option for environmentally safe sewage in Conroe, TX.

Waste of Resources

Sewage systems require a lot of resources to install, maintain and repair. While an individual homeowner may have less responsibility with a sewage system, since the city maintains it, we must look at the overall picture. The city itself pours a lot of resources into this system, which requires energy, labor and funds. The infrastructure required for these systems is quite complex and resource-consuming. With regular inspections and infrequent cleanings, a homeowner can keep their septic system functional and healthy, freeing up resources for other things.

Waste Cost

Another benefit of environmentally safe sewage in Conroe, TX is the cost savings. To install a septic tank, a property owner typically spends around $5,000. If this tank is well maintained, it can enjoy an indefinite lifespan. Simple inspections and cleanings on a regular basis will make the tank outlast the homeowner.

Sewage systems, meanwhile, may cost as much as $10,000, to pay for the pipe to the home that will bring the water to the treatment facility. The property owner may also have to pay fees and other permitting costs, plus monthly service fees. These quickly add up to surpass any maintenance costs of a septic system, making sewage treatment a higher-cost option.

Waste Experts

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