What do You Know about Septic Enzymes?

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If you’re a home or business owner with a septic tank instead of a sewer line, there are some things you should know about keeping the system running smoothly. One in five Americans live in a home using a septic system, and it’s somewhat more complicated than being hooked into the sewer system.

Bacteria plays an important role in regulating the septic system. That’s where septic enzymes come in. Enzymes are part of regular septic system maintenance in Cleveland, TX, as they help restore the correct bacterial environment in your septic tank. Let’s take a look at how enzymes work to protect your septic tank all year long.

The Role of Bacteria

Every septic system relies on natural, bacteria-driven processes to break down organic solids before releasing them into the soil and groundwater. The naturally occurring bacteria populating the septic tank are responsible for most of this. Once effluent—the processed liquid from a septic tank—is released, other natural processes continue breaking down the organic matter.

However, some substances can actually hinder this process by killing the bacteria when poured down the drain. This is why you always want to properly dispose of pesticides, paint, chlorine, or other toxic substances rather than pouring them down the drain. Even advertised drain de-cloggers can work against you here.

The Role of Enzymes

In cases where the bacteria in the septic tank isn’t functioning—if you’ve poured one of those toxic substances down the drain or an inspection reveals a lack of bacteria—enzymes are a great way to restore the bacteria.

All Pro Septic enzymes include 12 enzymes per packet and are specifically designed to restore the natural bacteria that will help your septic tank operate for years to come. You simply flush them down the toilet once per month to help break down the waste inside of a septic system.

This works because enzymes are smaller molecules for the bacteria to digest, making the existing bacteria more efficient at processing organic matter. In a tank that’s operating well, bacteria produce enzymes on their own. But often, adding enzymes can provide them with a necessary boost. Adding enzymes as part of a regular maintenance routine that will ensure the smooth functioning of your septic system throughout the year.

Professional septic system maintenance in Cleveland, TX

When you need septic services, you’ll have plenty of options, but there’s one business that stands out above the rest: All Pro. We are a family-owned and operated septic tank cleaning business. We can install, repair, and maintain septic tanks for residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

We also provide line cleaning and sewage pump repair, as well as cleaning for lint traps and aerobic systems. Contact us right now to learn more about our services and receive a free quote.

We always offer free estimates to better your convenience. Do not let your septic tank give you problems or stop you from using your facilities. Call All Pro Septic today and get a quote!

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