Maintenance Tips from a Septic Expert

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When a septic system is maintained properly, it can last for years and years. When it’s not maintained, however, your septic system may cause huge problems for you that bring large costs and logistical nightmares.

It’s important to think about maintenance so you can stop a problem before it starts. As you commit to septic system maintenance in Cleveland, TX, you might have questions about where to start. Read on to find out more about what experts are saying:

  • Treat your system well: It’s vital to be aware of what items and materials can harm a septic system, and to make good choices about what you put into the system, whether through a toilet or via a sink. Remember that grease or chemicals can cause serious problems, so dispose of those in a different manner. Also, you should really only put waste and toilet paper into your toilet, so don’t be tempted to quickly dispose of a feminine hygiene product, a diaper, plastics or anything else with a flush. You should remember these and other guidelines year-round, and make sure to notify any guests in your home of safe practices as well.
  • Save water and help your system: Another way you can protect your system is to do your best to conserve water. Running fewer loads of laundry, not flushing your toilet too much and taking shorter showers are all ways to help your water bill while helping your septic system as well.
  • Watch for standing water: As we move toward spring and summer, one problem to be on the lookout for is standing water over your drainfield or septic system. This can lead to lots of problems with the system, and things like melting snow and spring rains can contribute to it. Be aware and make sure to call a septic professional whenever you notice standing water.
  • Be wary while landscaping: It’s never safe to plant anything on your drainfield, so don’t go overboard with spring planting without considering your septic system. You can also easily damage part of the system if you dig too deeply while planting, so be cautious.
  • Keep up with regular maintenance: One of the most important tips is to make sure your septic system receives the regular maintenance it needs. Most professionals recommend a complete check once every two years, at a minimum. Summer is an extremely busy time for septic service companies, so schedule your checks early to avoid waiting weeks for a technician!

To avoid any costly repairs, make sure to schedule your septic system maintenance in Cleveland, TX as soon as possible, and always work with the most reliable company around: All Pro Septic. Our family owned and operated company has an exceptional staff to help you with any of your septic system needs, including installation, repairs, maintenance and special cleaning for your grease and lint traps.

For 20 years, All Pro Septic has kept septic systems working well for the local community. Our technicians are ready to help with all your septic system needs. Call today for more information and a free estimate.

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