Five Smart Tips for Grease Trap Maintenance

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A grease trap is designed to trap fats, oils and greases (FOG) before they have a chance to get down into your septic system. They help you avoid having a major mess on your hands when those FOG materials don’t play nice with your plumbing and septic tank! But if you’re not careful with grease trap maintenance in Conroe, TX, you could find yourself dealing with an even bigger mess.

Grease trap malfunctions are a huge pain to deal with and can get very messy, very fast. Aside from having it emptied at scheduled intervals, grease trap cleaning in Cleveland, TX is another must-do chore. In between emptying and cleaning it, there are a few other tips every commercial building owner should consider following to keep grease trap troubles to a minimum:

  • Have strainers installed and check to make sure they’re working effectively. Larger waste items can get stuck in grease traps and clog them, leading to backups and failures that are messy and expensive to clean up. Install strainers on every drain, from sinks to floor drains.
  • Even though it’s designed to trap grease, having a grease trap isn’t an excuse to allow excessive amounts of it down your drains. FOG materials will still cause catastrophic damage to your pipes and wreak havoc on your plumbing system. The only time you should ever pour grease into a drain is if it’s set up to drain directly into the trap.
  • Check your grease trap routinely—especially after having it pumped and/or cleaned. If your grease trap is empty or only has a small amount of material in it, it’s a sign the trap is being bypassed or there’s a clog somewhere.
  • Get on a pumping schedule with a reliable provider of grease trap pumping. A knowledgeable partner will help you understand how often your trap needs service and can help you spot problems with it before they erupt into a full-blown mess. They’re also your go-to for installing a new trap or getting advice for dealing with a problematic one.
  • Don’t attempt any DIY grease trap pumping, cleaning or maintenance solutions! Saving a few bucks isn’t worth damaging your trap or making a small problem bigger. The best thing you can do for maintenance is let someone else handle the job. And why wouldn’t you? Grease trap cleaning in Conroe, TX is messy!

From commercial kitchens to fast-food restaurants, different facilities have different expectations and demands for their grease traps. Regardless of the trap’s size or the demands of the environment, maintenance is crucial.

A well-functioning grease trap is the unsung hero of your facilities. It won’t cause problems and will actually prevent a good many of them caused by rogue FOG materials. If your grease trap is the source of your headaches, it’s time to call a professional and start practicing better grease trap maintenance in Cleveland, TX. Follow the above tips to get started and consult with a professional at All Pro Septic about what specifically you can do to care for your trap.

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