How to Diagnose Issues with Your Septic Tank

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If you have an issue with a tech device, you turn it off and on again. If you have problems with your car, you consult a mechanic. What should you do if you have issues with your septic tank?

To diagnose the issue and restore your system to optimal operation, use the following guide. These steps will help you determine the problem and get your system up and running again.

Know Your System

The first step in diagnosing septic tank problems is to know your system. You should be familiar with the design, the location of the tank and the layout of the system and drain field. Once you know these basics, you can start troubleshooting issues with your tank and get the necessary septic service in Cleveland, TX.

Know the Issues

There are several common issues that septic tank owners encounter. These are often caused by one of several common problems. The most frequent issues include:

  • Septic tank odors inside the building: Property owners may detect the smell of the septic waste inside their home or office.
  • Slow-running or gurgling drains: Drains may no longer work properly or work intermittently.
  • Sewage backups: Toilets or drains may experience a backflow of sewage that overflows into the building.
  • Tank alarms: These may sound if the system detects an issue with operation.
  • Gas smell around tank: An odor may be present around the tank cover, lid or risers.

The most frequent causes of these issues include:

  • Sludge buildup
  • Broken lines
  • Tree root intrusion
  • Clogged filter
  • Inadequate bacteria
  • Clogged drain field
  • Improper maintenance

Know Your Limits

Keep in mind, it is always best to contact a professional for assistance with your septic service in Cleveland, TX. While some of these issues may sound simple, it is easy to get in over your head. Some problems can be caused by more than one issue, and the same issue may be due to different causes in different locations.

Additionally, methane gas can pose serious health risks, and attempts to repair a system without proper knowledge can cause more damage than good. While it is important to be familiar with your system for proper operation and maintenance, it is best to leave repairs to the experts.

Know Who to Call

The best method to maintain your septic system is to partner with professionals to regularly inspect, clean and repair the system. It is essential to inspect and clean the septic system on a regular basis to prevent clogs and other issues. To avoid unnecessary hassle and repairs, consult with a provider of septic service in Conroe, TX to receive troubleshooting and inspection services. This will ensure your system receives the best care.

Contact the Experts

When you need assistance with your septic service in Cleveland, TX, reach out to the experts at All Pro Septic. Locally owned and family operated, we have been the go-to source for septic tank owners since 1999. We offer in-depth knowledge of septic systems to provide detailed inspections, troubleshooting and repairs. Contact us today to learn more.

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