Benefits of Enzymes for Septic System Maintenance in Cleveland, TX

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Properly maintaining your septic system is essential for smooth operation. A lack of septic system maintenance in Cleveland, TX will lead to backups, clogs, low flow and system damage. This leads to inconvenience, property damage and extensive repairs.

To avoid going down this road, a good method is to use enzymes for septic system maintenance in Conroe, TX. Why is this such a good idea? Enzymes offer several benefits for your system. Here’s the scoop.

What Enzymes Do

Your septic tank needs enzymes to break down the solids in your system. This natural process should occur through normal use of your septic system. Organic solids break down and are released into the soil. The bacteria that are naturally present in the tank are responsible for this breakdown process. Once solids are broken down into effluent (processed liquid), they are released into your drain field, where further natural processes continue the breakdown.

When Natural Processes Fail

Unfortunately, this natural process is often not enough. Many things property owners do can kill off the natural bacteria in the system. When this happens, the tank doesn’t break down the solids as it should. Manmade products such as paints, chlorine, medications, pesticides and automotive fluids can kill off the natural enzymes. This is why you should never put these products down your drain.

Still, it can be hard to avoid putting any bacteria-killing products into your system. Household cleaners are designed to kill bacteria. Using bleach, Lysol or drain de-cloggers will inevitably kill off much-needed bacteria in your tank.

Supplementing Natural Enzymes

Because many homeowners inadvertently kill off much of the bacteria in their septic tanks, adding enzymes that are designed for septic systems can help with the breakdown process. The additional enzymes will ensure that the organic solids are broken down on a molecular level, making them easier for the bacteria to consume. The final result is a septic system that operates more smoothly.

These enzymes are available in liquid form or flushable packets. Some help with the breakdown, while others help feed the bacteria. Still others contain the bacteria itself, to replace what has been killed by household products.

Using Enzymes for Septic Tank Maintenance in Cleveland, TX

If you’d like to take advantage of the benefits of enzymes for septic tank maintenance in Conroe, TX, consult with your local septic professionals. A thorough inspection of your system will reveal if your tank is properly breaking down materials or if you need to supplement with enzymes. The technician can also advise you on which type of enzymes would be best for your system.

Contact the Pros

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