Regular Maintenance on Your Septic Tank Will Save You Money

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Avoiding regular septic system maintenance in Cleveland, TX is a recipe for disaster—not only the types of disasters only wrought by loose sewage and lack of water, but also those of the financial kind. Maintaining your septic tank and system not only keeps you with functional plumbing, but also saves you money. Repairs are one scenario to avoid, but septic problems are often the gifts that keep on giving. Here are four ways maintaining your septic tank saves you money and keeps your living area healthy:

  • Avoid expensive repairs: Septic tanks never have small problems. If there is a failure resulting from lack of maintenance, you may face extensive repairs that will affect your bank balance in frightening ways. The least expensive work to perform on septic systems is maintenance—never repairs. In the worst-case scenarios, you may need to replace the tank and pipes. In fact, sometimes these repairs require taking out a second mortgage because the only option is to leave your home uninhabitable or risk fines.
  • Preserve your home: When septic systems fail, they share the damage. Pipes in your home can be damaged, as well as fixtures. If sewage rises from drains into sinks, bathtubs and toilets, your family may never want to use those areas again, even if they remain intact. Kitchen sinks can become safety hazards and toilets may stop flushing. This sounds horrifying enough, but floor and wall damage is also possible—especially if your kitchen and bathroom end up flooded with untreated waste. Sometimes, calls to disaster recovery companies are necessary to repair the damage and prevent serious conditions like wet rot. This costs money that could have been saved if you’d just taken care of your system.
  • Nicer to your land: Do you really want a large smelly spot in the middle of your yard? Not only is this an unpleasant condition, but it can be an expensive one, too. Erosion may affect stability, and soil quality can be compromised. Another expense arises when you require retaining walls and waste removal to restore your land to safety and productivity. There are also safety issues, since anyone who visits your home will be exposed to possibly dangerous organisms.
  • Reduce medical bills: Your land will not be alone in suffering ill health. Untreated water also threatens visitors and household members with disease. Poorly maintained septic systems are basically germ vectors, and if you or anyone else in your household is immune-deficient, a hospital stay becomes very likely. This can occur with exposure to untreated sewage either directly or through leaks into drinking water. When you get your septic tank maintained, it is also a good time to test your water to make sure it remains safe.

For septic tank maintenance in Cleveland, TX, call All Pro Septic. We can inspect your system and set you on a regular schedule based on your household size. You can also call us if something seems wrong, as catching it early means preventing a disaster later. If you can’t flush, don’t fuss—call us!

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