Five Advantages of Hydro Jetting in Cleveland, TX

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Clogged drains are an unfortunate fact of life for most homeowners. Even the most careful person can accidentally drop food scraps down the drain. Grease and other debris can inevitably accumulate in the pipes just from an average family living their day-to-day life. Many people will reach for a bottle of chemical cleaners to eliminate the clog, but these can be dangerous to both your pipes and your family, as they leave behind hazardous residue and fumes.

Did you know there is a safer choice? Hydro jetting can efficiently clean the drains without using toxic chemicals. A hose is snaked through the pipe to spray a high pressure blast of hot water to eliminate any blockages. This technique can easily break through some of the toughest clogs and accumulations in your drain and pipes.

Still not convinced? Read on to discover five benefits of hydro jetting in Cleveland, TX:

  • Removes every clog: Other drain cleaning methods just aren’t a match for the power of hydro jetting. The high-powered stream of water operates from 3,000 to 8,000 psi for a tremendous blast. This means it is strong enough to remove every clog and piece of debris—even those that would defeat the standard mechanical snake. Different nozzle attachments can be used to reach every area of the pipe to clean everything while also removing any residue on the interior walls to prevent any future buildups.
  • Safe: Chemical cleaners aren’t worth the risk. The toxic fumes can be hazardous to your family as they breathe them in. They can also damage the inside of your pipes. Hydro jetting doesn’t have any of these adverse side effects. It’s also more sanitary, as the speed of the hydro jetting process reduces your likelihood of coming into contact with any contaminants.
  • Prevent future problems: Hydro jetting will prevent the chances of any future plumbing blockages. The high water pressure and scalding hot temperatures significantly reduce the likelihood of another clog developing. Additionally, the video inspection accompanying most hydro jetting services will be able to identify any compromised spots or breakages within the pipe. By identifying any problems early, your plumber will be able to remedy the situation before it turns into a major disaster.
  • Unexpected benefits: The water pressure inside of your pipes will lower after hydro jetting, which will lead to a more efficient plumbing system and a decrease in your monthly water bill.
  • Money saving: Hydro jetting tends to be a bit more costly than other drain cleaning methods. But it’s well worth the investment when weighing the overall payoff. Hydro jetting eliminates the likelihood of reoccurring problems by cleaning out the entire pipe. You’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing you’ll just be paying for the service once.

Professional hydro jetting specialist recommend scheduling this service at least once per year to see the best results of reduced clogs and a more efficient plumbing system. Call All Pro Septic today to schedule your first hydro jetting in Cleveland, TX!

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