Protect Your Septic System This Winter with These Simple Tips

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Septic tank problems can be frustrating regardless of the time of year. But seemingly small issues can turn into a major disaster during the winter months when it comes to your septic tank. A frozen tank, accumulated sludge or a failed system can be both costly and challenging repairs from the months of December to March. Luckily, a few simple steps can help you avoid this nightmare. After all, you should be spending this time of the year enjoying time with family at holiday celebrations or cozying up around a warm fire.

Follow these simple tips to protect your septic system this winter.

Have the tank pumped early

The last thing you want is for the water to freeze. Having the tank pumped before winter by a professional septic tank service in Cleveland, TX can help alleviate the problem. The early pumping will give you a bit of extra room in the tank, which is especially vital as the water will expand when it freezes. The extra room will allow the water the space to safely freeze without running the risk of splitting the tank.

Schedule a tank inspection

Having your tank inspected before the temperatures drop can save you a major headache later in the season. A professional septic tank specialist will inspect the tank for any cracks or leaks before checking for any clogs, debris or any other issues that could interfere with the drainage. This way, any problems can be handled early, saving you a lot of money and stress later on. The septic technician might even recommend insulating the pipes to further safeguard against freezing.

Keep the water moving

Moving the water through the system at least once per day will reduce the chance of the water becoming frozen inside of the tank. This should be a pretty easy task for most families. Taking showers, washing laundry, cleaning dishes and even flushing the toilet is enough to keep the liquid from turning into a chunk of frozen water. On the other hand, be careful not to overload the tank with too much water, as this can also be problematic. Keeping the temperature in your home above 60 degrees at all times will help. Beware of that leaking toilet or kitchen sink, as a small trickle can freeze easily!

Act quickly if freezing occurs

Freezing can happen even if precautions are taken. If it does, your first step is to call your technician for septic tank service in Cleveland, TX immediately. The septic tank specialist will be able to locate the cause of the leak before taking the necessary steps to fix it quickly. Never attempt to fix this yourself by adding antifreeze or pumping sewage out onto the ground. These “quick fix” remedies will only make matters worse, so it’s best to leave this one to the professionals.

Call the professionals at All Pro Septic today to ensure your septic tank system is ready for winter. We look forward to helping you find peace of mind this season!

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