Signs Something Is Wrong with Your Septic System

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If you take care not to overload your septic system and not to place any harmful items (like cat litter or chemicals) into the toilet or drain, it will probably function as it should the large majority of the time, especially with the recommended routine maintenance.

However, as with anything we rely on in our daily lives, you may occasionally run into something that makes you wonder whether your septic system is in need of repair. As a provider of septic tank service in Cleveland, TX, we have years of experience in identifying septic system issues, and we recommend that you call a professional if you observe any of the following:

  • Backup of water: Can you tell that water is backing up when you run it, or that sewage has made its way inside your property? This is one of the most severe warning signs of a septic system problem and requires immediate attention.
  • Difficulty flushing: Is your toilet refusing to flush, or does it seem overly slow in doing so? If the problem can’t be solved by using a plunger, this may mean that the septic tank is full, requiring that your system be pumped. If you notice this issue, contact a professional for service right away.
  • Draining problems: If your shower, bathtub or any sinks seem to be draining less quickly than they normally do, your septic system may be backed up. Once you notice this occurrence, contact a professional before the problem becomes worse.
  • Worrisome odors: If you feel like you’re smelling sewage inside your home or in your yard or drainfield, you’re probably right. When raw sewage has overflown from your septic tank, you’ll notice a smell that resembles rotten eggs.
  • Grass that appears brighter: When a drainfield starts to fail, the soil produces more moisture. This can lead to faster growth for your grass. If you observe brighter, healthier looking grass, this may be a sign that your septic system has not been functioning properly for some time.
  • Standing water: If you notice places where the ground is wet or water has pooled in the drainfield area, especially if they produce an unpleasant odor, you are likely experiencing a problem with your septic system. Failure to have it addressed can result not only in a septic system that no longer works, but also in risks to your health.
  • Gurgling noises: Can you hear your pipes gurgling after turning the water on or flushing the toilet? This could mean that the septic tank is full of solids and needs to be pumped, or could also be an indication of another issue.

If you’re experiencing one or more of these signs, you likely require septic tank service in Cleveland, TX. All Pro Septic is a family owned and operated septic tank cleaning company. Our services include the repair and maintenance of septic tanks for residential, commercial and industrial clients. We can also perform line cleaning, sewage pump repair and cleaning for grit traps, lint traps and aerobic systems. We stand behind our work and walk you through each step of the process that we perform, and we take care of any potential long-term issues we observe before they become bigger problems. Contact us to arrange for a free estimate or to schedule service!

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