Should You Add Bacteria to Your Septic Tank?

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Whether you’re new to having a septic system or have had one for some time, you may have heard conflicting schools of thought regarding the benefits—or lack thereof—associated with adding bacteria to your tank.

As a provider of septic system maintenance in Cleveland, TX, we can walk you through some pros and cons of adding bacteria to your septic tank so that you can make an informed decision about the best choice for you and your septic system.

But first, let’s take a quick look at how your septic system works, since your tank will already contain anaerobic bacteria. “Anaerobic” simply means that the bacteria do not require oxygen to survive.

As wastewater moves through your septic system, the system treats and purifies it. The majority of today’s septic tanks have two chambers. In the first chamber, solid matter moves to the bottom of the tank, where it is ultimately removed by the existing anaerobic bacteria. These already present bacteria play an essential role in processing wastewater.

Pros of adding bacteria

  • They can be useful if your system is receiving unnecessary stress: If you anticipate that your septic tank users will consistently overload the system or place items in the toilet or drains that they shouldn’t (such as chemicals or sanitary products), adding bacteria may potentially help by maintaining a more stable balance of bacteria.
  • Existing products make it easy: With treatments already on the market that are said to add good bacteria, such as Rid-X, you can find one designed for the kind of septic system you have. The availability of these products removes uncertainty about what type of treatment to use and how much, making the process uncomplicated. Also, because humans consume yeast without any issues, baker’s yeast has been shown to be a safe addition to your system.

Cons of adding bacteria

  • They are no replacement for maintenance: Reconsider adding bacteria to your septic tank if you intend for them to take the place of maintenance. Hiring a professional to pump your septic tank is the only surefire solution for cleaning out the sludge that has built up in your system.
  • Much research has shown that they do not make a positive difference: A good deal of research that has been conducted has shown that adding bacteria to a septic system has no positive overall effect. Some of this research has even found that additives may be harmful to septic tank systems.

If you’re still wondering whether it might be useful to add bacteria to your septic tank, talk to your septic services professional for their opinion. If they have proven themselves to be knowledgeable and experienced, they should be able to offer you some sound advice.

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