Plumbing Upgrades That Are Septic Safe

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If you are a homeowner, you are aware that your house’s plumbing and septic systems are tied together. Whenever you use the plumbing in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry, or mud room, it goes down to the septic system. Some certain inventions and updates can help make your plumbing more septic-friendly. Here is a list of these septic safe plumbing fixture upgrades: 

Modern Filtration Systems

You need to make sure that the filtration system you have is efficient. There are certain types of filtration systems that can produce wastewater while filtering drinking water. One filtration system that produces a significant amount of wastewater is called a reverse osmosis system. This system uses one to three gallons of waste per gallon of filtered water, making it efficient. 

Low-Flow Appliances and Faucets

Low flow faucets for septics have an aerator, with the help of which you use less water when you wash your hands and dishes. You can either install a low-flow faucet or add a low-flow aerator to your existing faucet. Using less water is good for the environment and beneficial for your septic system. In addition to low-flow faucets, you can also install more efficient appliances in your house. For example, you can get a washing machine or dishwasher that uses less water. 

Lint Filters for Washer Drains

Over time, lint builds up in the septic system and creates blockages. The good news is that there are lint filters for washer drains available. They catch lint before it goes down the main sewage drain to the septic system. You should throw all the lint that your filter catches into the trash because lint is not recyclable or compostable. 

Septic-Friendly Garbage Disposal

Today, there are garbage disposals in every kitchen. However, if you use the garbage disposal daily, you will fill up the septic tank quite fast. Therefore, replacing your standard garbage disposal with a septic-friendly option is recommended. Some modern models of garbage disposals combine enzymes with ground-up food waste. With the help of this system, food breaks down faster and does not take up too much space in the septic tank. 

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