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A grease trap is an integral part of the restaurant industry, but it is very easy to overlook. With all the other tasks a resultant owner has to keep track of, grease trap maintenance is something that can quickly fall through the cracks. Not cleaning your grease trap can cause various problems with your business, including customer illness and legal consequences due to not following proper standards for restaurant care and cleaning.

With some planning, you will be able to schedule grease trap cleaning and know exactly how often should a grease trap be emptied. Here are some tips for keeping your grease trap in good condition and how often to empty it.

Scheduling Grease Trap Cleaning

  • Timing: Grease traps should be cleaned every one to three months. However, this is rather broad, and several factors can affect how often you need to clean your restaurant’s grease trap. You should clean your grease trap when it reaches 1/4th of its maximum storage capacity. Depending on your regular business needs, how long this takes can vary.
  • Why Regular Cleaning Is Important: Cleaning your grease trap when it is a quarter full can help prevent several problems in your restaurant’s kitchen. Grease traps collect oil, grease, fats, and other waste. These waste products can start to smell if left sitting too long and regular draining helps prevent this. In addition, as your grease trap starts to fill, it becomes less effective, and you can start to see other related problems, such as slow sink drainage. Keeping the grease trap clean keeps things running at their best.
  • Consider Local Laws: The laws in your location can differ greatly and depend on the state, county, or even city ordinances. You may have to be very proactive on grease trap cleaning to meet local regulations. A common legal requirement is that grease traps be cleaned every 90 days, no matter how full the grease trap may be. Knowing the local laws helps avoid fines and related issues.

Reasons To Hire a Professional

When you need your grease trap cleaned, hiring professional help offers many advantages. One, they know the local regulations and will make sure you meet any required standards. Two, they have the proper equipment needed to do the job correctly. Finally, cleaning a grease trap can be an involved job, and hiring a professional means you know the job is done right, and you and your staff can focus on other business needs.

At All Pro Septic, we have been helping residents of Cleveland, TX with their septic tank needs since 1999. We can also assist your business with your grease trap cleaning requirements. Reach out today to learn more.

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