Most Common Reasons Septic Inlet Lines Collapse

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A collapsed septic line can be an expensive and annoying home maintenance issue. Understanding what causes septic drain line problems is essential to avoiding this issue. It is also necessary to diagnose the problem quickly so that you can get it fixed before it causes more serious problems. Let’s look at some things that would cause a septic line to collapse.

Fitting Failure

The fittings are the weakest part of the interconnected pipes that make up your septic system. If these fittings fail, it could be a chain reaction of line issues for your septic system. You will need a professional to inspect the system to determine if fitting failures are causing your problems.

You can avoid this problem by making sure installation or a septic line repair is done by a reputable company. 

Stones in the Soil

Stones and rocks are supposed to be removed from the soil when septic tanks are being installed and when drain lines are being installed. If this is not done properly, the stones can shift and crush pipes over time. Lines could be penetrated by sharp rocks and cause leaks or breaks in the lines.

Pressure From Cars

If vehicles or other heavy objects are placed or driven over the area, it could cause the lines to collapse. It is important to know exactly where the lines are on your property so that you can avoid these issues.

Tree Growth

Another issue that can cause septic lines to fail is tree and plant growth. The roots of trees can make their way down into the septic system. These roots can cause a great amount of damage to the lines. It is very difficult to remove the roots without removing the lines. If the damage is extensive, the lines usually need to be replaced.

It is best to only have grass growing above the septic tank.

Poor Design

Another culprit for failed septic lines could be a bad design to start with. There must be thought and preparation when designing a septic system and laying it out on a property. If the septic system is installed and then another construction is done too close to it or on top of it, it could cause too much pressure on the ground and crush the lines. One common problem is for driveways or patios to be constructed on top. This should be avoided.

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