What Are the Signs Your Septic System Needs to be Replaced?

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The functionality of your home’s septic system is highly dependent on proper maintenance, which includes pumping after three to five years and regular repairs due to wear and tear. Even though these repairs ensure maximum functionality and longevity, over the years, the septic system comes to an inevitable end, and it has to be replaced. Fortunately, you don’t have to wait until the system completely fails for you to know that it’s time for a replacement. Watch out for the following septic system failure signs, which will prompt you early enough to call experts.

Lush Grass Near the Septic Tank

Even though everyone wants a healthy lawn, sometimes it’s an indication something is off, especially if it’s only thriving near the septic tank. This simply means that wastewater is leaching around the septic tank, and the grass is getting extra nutrients than the rest of the lawn. Although your grass might be flourishing, it’s among the first septic system failure signs.

 Waste Water Backflow

Frequent wastewater backflows in your household without any obstruction is a significant visible sign of failing septic field issues. Since all the plumbing appliances are connected to the septic tank, you can notice this in the sinks, tubs, toilets, and floor drains. Fortunately, you don’t have to wait until the situation becomes messy and hazardous. When your septic tank starts failing, foul odors around your home and gurgling sounds from pipes will alert you. Also, the drains will begin to move slower, prompting you to contact a professional for an inspection.

 Wastewater Puddles Near the Septic Tank

Water pooling in your yard near the septic tank is one of the major signs of failing septic field. Even though repairs can solve these issues, sometimes replacement is inevitable, especially if the septic tank has been in use for too long. Also, water puddles can be a result of a faulty drain field. You should contact a professional for an inspection.

Demand for an Upgrade

Typically, all septic tanks are tailored depending on the specific needs of a particular household. The capacity is determined by the number of rooms and the square footage of the house. Therefore, any unprecedented increment in the size of the residence means a rise in water consumption which might significantly cause strain to the current system. This factor should always be considered before any plans of expansion.

Frequent Repairs

Typically, minor repairs are inevitable during routine inspections due to the normal wear and tear. However, repeated repairs on issues related to pumping, leaks, and backflows are signs of failing septic field, which calls for a septic system replacement. Also, when the cost of repairs exceeds that of replacing the septic system, replacement becomes the only option.

When Is the Right Time to Call for a Professional Inspection?

Septic system issues can be problematic if left unattended. Therefore, call for professional inspection anytime you experience any of the above warning signs for assessment and recommendations. 


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