How to Avoid Issues with Your Septic System

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Are you new to maintaining a septic system? As a professional, knowledgeable company you can count on for high-quality septic system maintenance in Cleveland, TX, we’d like to pass on some guidelines that, if followed, should help you avoid some of the most common issues that might arise with your septic system:

  • Pay attention to the toilet paper you use: If you are new to having a septic system, the type of toilet paper you use may not really be on your radar. This is something you’ll need to pay attention to with a septic system, though, as toilet paper that is too thick can cause your septic tank to malfunction. To be safe, look for thinner toilet paper. Many toilet paper companies now make it easier by including package labeling that indicates whether the product is suitable for households or businesses with septic systems.
  • Be mindful of what you place into the septic tank system: Placing anything other than thinner toilet paper and human waste into your toilet could cause your septic tank to malfunction, so make it a habit to place items like disposable wipes, cigarette filters or sanitary products in the trash. Likewise, don’t pour any substances that will take a long time to decompose down the drain, including oils, greases or fats. Avoid dumping any household chemicals down the drain, as they can also interfere with the successful functioning of your septic system.
  • Don’t ignore the outside of your septic system: Avoiding common issues with your septic system is about more than what you place into the system. You also need to pay close attention to what you place on Refrain from driving or parking a vehicle over the septic tank so as not to negatively impact the soil or underground pipes and other elements of your septic system. In addition, be sure not to plant anything other than grass on or near your system. Tree roots could cause damage to your drain field, and any crops you grow in this area would need to rely on water that would then take away from the soil’s ability to process wastewater.
  • Be efficient when using water: To help ensure that you don’t overload your septic system, make a point to only use as much water as you need for a bath, run your laundry machines and dishwasher when they’re full and keep a close eye out for any faucets that may be leaking or running.

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