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Restaurant Grease Trap

Anyone who works in a restaurant is familiar with the grease trap. Most restaurant workers know the dank, unbearable smell that comes along with not cleaning it regularly. Besides ensuring that your kitchen doesn’t smell like rotting bar food, there are several reasons why it is important to clean your grease trap every two to three months. In fact, it is required by law by most states! Here’s what you need to know about cleaning the grease trap of your restaurant:

Grease Causes Sewers to Overflow

The purpose of the grease trap is to keep the grease away from the sewage network. However, the grease trap must be well-maintained to be effective. If the grease trap is too long between cleanings, the grease can leak into your restaurant’s drainage system, resulting in grease build-up and clogging. Effects can even have an impact on your city’s water system, causing the sewers to overflow. If it is traced back to your restaurant, you could face some of the city’s hefty fines.

Grease Runoff is Pollution

In addition to clogging drains, grease from badly maintained grease traps may cause pollution. The fat itself is harmful to animal life. It is also necessary to cover your outdoor grease trap. Not only can the animals not get in, but the rainwater will pool inside. If the trap is too water-filled, it may cause a spill, causing the grease to wash off and spread into the parking lots and into the storm drains. Just because the grease traps are located outdoors does not mean they cannot contaminate the inside of the restaurant. This stagnating food waste is a breeding ground for bacteria, and the smell of water combined with food and fat will also contain sulphuric acid. This toxic acid smells bad, and it damages the steel and concrete from which the trap is made. Ensuring that your grease trap is pumped out and cleaned regularly ensures that you don’t have to pay for pricey grease trap repairs!

To cut back on how much grease actually reaches the traps, regular cleaning and maintenance of the grease traps and the interceptors can greatly help. Call us today and let us handle the dirty work!

Cleveland Restaurant Grease Trap

Looking to get your grease traps pumped in Cleveland? We have been providing affordable grease trap maintenance programs and pumping services for 40 years. Grease traps are a vital part of the sewer system in your restaurant. Grease traps prevent heavy grease from flowing into and clogging the sewer system. If these systems do not work correctly, there is a risk that a backup will occur. We can perform the pumping and cleaning grease traps and interceptor systems. Our technicians are also equipped to clean water jet drains, full-service plumbing, and cleaning services.

We offer grease trap maintenance programs and pumping to chain restaurants and individual restaurants and food establishments. Call us to discuss your needs. We will work with you to know what schedule will keep your business operating as smoothly as possible.

How is a grease trap cleaned?

Cleaning a grease trap in Cleveland begins with pumping and scraping grease and sludge from traps and interceptor systems. Once the sludge is extracted and the system is clean, our expert technicians will carry out an inspection of the grease trap system to ensure that everything is working properly. Records of inspection and any suggestions for maintenance will be made available to clients.

Why Are Grease Traps Required To Be Cleaned?

The lack of pumping of grease traps is a common cause of commercial septic system failure. It is recommended that when the grease is 1 foot deep in a tank that is 4 feet deep, the grease at the top of the tank should be pumped out, including the sludge at the bottom of the tank. 

To schedule a grease trap pumping service, call us today! With years of great customer satisfaction, you could rest assured that our expert technicians are ready to come to the rescue!

Restaurant Grease Trap Near me

Every restaurant owner and manager should know the importance of a working grease trap. They help keep the dishwashing process going and ensure that your plumbing is in good working order. Regular maintenance of grease traps is essential to keep the restaurant running smoothly.

The reality of the situation is that Cleveland’s grease trap clogs can halt your restaurant’s operations. Keep up with this essential maintenance task and avoid the following irritating grease trap pitfalls:

Smells: There is nothing that will push diners out of the restaurant faster than failing to pass the “smell test.” The fact is that grease, old food, and other waste build-ups will result in a toxic blend of odors that will overwhelm customers’ nose. The last thing that you’ll want is a reviewer from Yelp who says your restaurant smells horrible.

Kitchen fires: a clogged grease trap makes a kitchen fire much more likely to happen. Grease is a highly flammable matter, and when a kitchen fire should start, a clogged grease trap means that it spreads quickly and is difficult to control. Remove grease blocks or face safety hazards.


Extra costs: Grease clogs will result in unforeseen costs in the form of fines for the health department and plumbing repairs. You may even need to close the restaurant for a while until it is up to code. Plumbing repairs will also be a concern, as severe clogging leads to damaged wastewater pipes.

Health hazards: Moreover, a dirty grease trap poses a serious health risk to employees and customers. Smoking emitted from these traps is unhealthful when employees inhale them all day. Wastewater may be overflowing as a result of grease trap blockages that may contaminate the water source. This may lead to dishes washed in the water to be contaminated, which means that your customers will get sick.

Clogs: If you don’t clean the grease trap, you’ll almost certainly end up with clogs. Pumping out the grease trap means removing the materials and keeping the pipe clean. Failing to do so will head to a toxic build-up that will overflow into the kitchen, resulting in plumbing problems and causing damage that you might have avoided.

The bottom line is that it is easy to avoid a clogged grease trap in Cleveland by hiring professional technicians like us to perform basic maintenance on a regular schedule. Keeping this as part of your routine maintenance schedule means that you will never get behind and avoid all of these business-breaking hazards. Call us today!

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Restaurant Grease Trap Cleveland

Now that you know how important it is to keep a grease trap, do you know how often you have to clean the system? 

As a regular practice, grease traps should be cleaned or emptied at least every 90 days. That said, it also relates to the grease trap’s capacity and how many dishes are cooked daily in your kitchen. In both situations, if the grease trap’s capacity is small or the amount of dishes cooked is greater, it is advisable to wash the equipment once or two times a month.

It is advisable to keep a regular maintenance schedule to check the amount of accumulated grease trapped in the tank. You can measure and record the grease’s depth using a rod and clean when the time comes. In general, a grease trap should be emptied when one-fourth of the space in the tank has been occupied by grease. Once this limit has been reached, the grease trap will potentially become ineffective in operation. If you feel that the grease trap needs to be cleaned multiple times in a month, replace it with a larger capacity unit that can handle operations effectively for at least a month until it is emptied. 

In case you fail to keep your restaurant grease trap maintained, there is a fair chance that the tank will start to overflow and begin to show signs of clogging. That’s when you need to call a team of professionals who can address the problem and effectively remove any clogging, ensuring that your restaurant business continues to run smoothly without any flaws. 

We are one of the leading companies in grease traps and grease removal units. Our company provides services from the provision of a wide range of grease interceptors to the efficient installation and maintenance of them at a smooth pace. Call us today!


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