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Grease Trap Cleaning Services

A lot of states in the United States require the installation of grease traps in commercial kitchens. It is necessary to keep the grease trap and the oil out of the sanitary sewer system. At All Pro Septic, we provide a full range of Cleveland services for grease traps, including cleaning, maintenance, and installation.

The grease trap has valves to control the flow of wastewater and separate the grease, oil, and fat. This prevents excess fat in the sanitary sewer system, which can lead to overflows and backups. Grease traps must be cleaned regularly to remove grease and oils from the trap. Failure to properly maintain your grease trap may result in clogs, backups, and unpleasant smells in your kitchen.

We thoroughly clean your grease trap to remove any unpleasant odours and prevent safety problems. We dispose of grease trap wastes that are compliant with all local, state, and federal regulatory requirements.

Whether you need a new grease trap or your current one needs to be cleaned or not working properly, we offer services to meet your specific plumbing needs. Free estimates are available for the maintenance of grease traps in Cleveland, TX. Call us today!

Cleveland Grease Trap Cleaning Services

Vital both for hygiene and the privilege of keeping your license, grease trap cleaning never stops being important just because it’s common. Grease traps are designed as small filters that catch FOGS (Fats, Oils, Grease, and Food Solids) produced by commercial cooking, to prevent them from clogging sewage pipes and protect the general water system from oil contamination.

Due to the potential impact of a poorly maintained grease trap, it is no surprise that almost all states are keeping a close eye on restaurant establishments. Ensuring that the grease traps are safe and functioning properly is one of the minimum requirements for any cafeteria, dining, or catering establishment in the states. They also need to be emptied and thoroughly cleaned regularly to prevent overflowing. Also, warm and full of food as they are old, solidified FOGS are left to provide an ideal nest for bacteria, fungi, and other forms of toxic lifeforms to thrive.

Any restaurant owner who thinks long term should have a reliable and thorough grease trap cleaner on their quick contact list. When you need to clean your grease traps, call us at All Pro Septic! We will provide you with experienced clean-up for your in-house, commercial, and government grease traps. Give us a call today!

Grease Trap Cleaning Services Cleveland TX

Grease trap cleaning is a complex operation that requires the use of pumps and hydro-jets, as well as limited access to your kitchen. Because of this, restaurant owners naturally want to do this with as little trouble as possible.


While grease traps need to be cleaned regularly, this schedule can not be designed with a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Depending on the following factors, you may need a monthly visit or just a twice-year cleaning and pumping session:

  • Its attached tank and the size of the trap 
  • The type of food you serve
  • The building structure
  • The number of people you serve per hour
  • Your hours of operation

We at All Pro Septic are committed to adjusting our schedule to match yours. Do you run a food shop, 24/7? We can come in your slowest hours. 

What happens if the grease traps are not cleaned? Of course, it spells trouble. Your restaurant or commercial kitchen is a business, and failure to have your grease trap cleaned could cost you dire consequences which include:

  • A totally clogged sink that leaves you unable to drain any water or wash any dishes.
  • An oil overflow that, if detected and traced back to you, is an automatic fine
  • Failed to perform a health inspection should the City decide to pop in for a look.
  • A funky, pervasive, and rancid smell all over your kitchen and dining area.
  • Risk of salmonella

All these emergencies have two things in common. First, they can all be the result of improper grease trap cleaning. Second, they can all end up with you having to close your doors for days in the end, on very short notice. Instead of searching endlessly for Google for plumbing services that truly deliver, please call us today

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Grease Trap Cleaning Services Near Me

Grease traps must be maintained to keep your business running. Failure to maintain your grease traps will cause it to malfunction. A clogged grease trap will have you searching for plumbing companies near you. This could cause a serious problem, and the oil blockages will cause your precious business to shut down. Cleaning your restaurant after a nasty grease backup will close your establishment and keep you busy for a couple of days to a week.

All Pro Septic has been dealing with grease traps for years. We can make sure your grease trap doesn’t clog or fill up. As the grease trap capacity fills, it’s going to need pumping and cleaning. You must clean your grease trap regularly. This prevents fat, oil, and grease from leaking into the sewer water. Most grease traps in food establishments need to be pumped every 90 days. We can clean your grease traps thoroughly here at All Pro Septic. We will measure the level of fat, oil, and grease, pump it out, dispose of it in an environmentally safe manner, clean any material build-up, and ensure that all parts of your grease trap work properly.

By cleaning and pumping the grease trap in your kitchen, you can get rid of unwanted smells. Also, avoid any fines or disciplinary action. Clean grease traps are just as helpful in keeping the kitchen clean. Call us today if you think you need a grease trap cleaning service.


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