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Commercial Grease Trap

Commercial grease traps are large containers designed to remove the fats and oils from your establishment’s wastewater, enabling the flow of clean water into the correct wastewater disposal systems. Through pumping, the grease and solids are cleaned from the trap, and FOGs are discarded in an environmentally-friendly manner. Only wastewater from the kitchen is directed into the grease traps. They are not connected to other drainage systems, such as lavatories or toilets.

These grease traps can be made from a range of materials, including stainless steel, plastics, concrete, and metal. Grease traps vary in size, depending on the use and needs of the drainage system. They can be mounted inside the establishment, outside, underground, or above ground. To properly design and install a grease trap and pass all city and health department requirements, a professional plumber like us at All Septic Pro is required.

Grease traps at restaurants and commercial eateries are an integral part of the sewage system. These traps are used to avoid the entry of thick grease into and obstruction of a sewage network. If grease traps are not properly cleaned and maintained, the risk of backup and clogging would be high.

Proper inspection of the trap after pumping and before cleaning is necessary to prevent damage. If the lines are badly broken, repairs may be made or the lines replaced.

We have years of plumbing and grease trap cleaning experience in Cleveland, Texas, and nearby areas. We are committed to honesty and integrity, and we regard our clients as family.

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Cleveland Commercial Grease Trap

Since your restaurant produces a lot of delicious food each day, it’s important to have your grease trap cleaned regularly.

When you hire us, we can guarantee that your grease trap tank is cleaned and that fat and oil are disposed of in compliance with correct standards for health and safety. With a clean, empty grease container, you can concentrate on supplying your customers with great food in a welcoming environment without worrying about your grease trap getting clogged or offensive odors seeping into your establishment.

All Pro Septic can do this vital job for you. We provide grease trap cleaning that meets health code guidelines, which ensures that once we’re finished, your kitchen will be clean and safe for the long haul. Call us today to learn more about how our commercial grease trap cleaning services can help you with your business! 


Commercial Grease Trap Cleveland

Cleaning a commercial grease trap is the easiest way to avoid build-up and keep the system running. Attempting to clean a grease trap by yourself could easily become a nightmare. Let us do the dirty work for you.

Your grease trap is not just a grease storage tank. Parts of rotting food are also found in the grease mix. Over time, these can trigger a foul odor, and that isn’t good for business, especially for a restaurant owner. Fortunately, routine maintenance could also reduce grease tank upkeep costs. Leaving the grease to accumulate and harden in the tank will damage the tank and necessitate a costly replacement. One of the restaurant owner’s worst fear is the risk of having a grease trap backup. Usually, this can close down a restaurant for up to a few days. This worst-case scenario is easily avoidable with proper grease trap cleaning done by professionals like us at All Septic Pro

We work at the most convenient times for you. We know you’re busy running a restaurant, so you can’t just close down for a grease trap cleaning session. Let’s schedule the grease trap maintenance when you’re closed, so you can focus on your customers and what you do best. To create a routine maintenance schedule, call us today. 

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Commercial Grease Trap Near Me

Grease traps can be an issue for any restaurant if they don’t regularly service them. The last thing a restaurant owner wants is to have a grease trap backed up during working hours. They can be a stinky and expensive nuisance. Our skilled technicians at All Pro Septic can save you the hassle and trouble of a grease trap backup.

We offer exceptional service with a proven track record. We can set up a preventive maintenance schedule for your company on time and save money. We thoroughly clean your entire trap, unlike some plumbing companies who only skim the grease off the top. Our trucks are equipped with pressure washers, which remove the grease from the walls, and we have experienced pros to get the job done.

We at All Pro Septic will be happy to help keep your Cleveland restaurant safe and meet Texas’ commercial grease traps’ regulations.


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