Cleveland Commercial Grease Trap Cleaning

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Commercial Grease Trap Cleaning

A food service establishment operates very differently from a typical home kitchen. Because you serve food to the general public, your duties go far deeper than a regular kitchen. You have to be mindful of the health and safety of those concerned, including not just the visitors, but also the staff and the general public, especially the neighbours. Any blockage or leak of sewer pipes may result in legal violations which could have real consequences.

Obviously, grease trap cleaning is beneficial for your company. Nevertheless, health and safety laws require it in certain cases. That’s why you need to work with our company, All Pro Septic, to provide you with the right maintenance services needed to bring you the peace of mind you deserve.


Suppose you don’t have professionals like us to help you carry out the necessary maintenance services on your grease trap system. In that case, you risk putting your foodservice establishment at unnecessary risk of violating local laws and codes regarding health and safety. 

At All Pro Septic, we have a team of skilled professionals equipped with pump trucks to clean and empty all of your grease trap. Call us today so our experts can guide you on how to keep your grease trap clean and your establishment happy. 

Cleveland Commercial Grease Trap Cleaning

Naturally, the nature of a commercial grease trap is a filthy one. Every day they receive incredible amounts of fat, oil, and grease. There would, of course, be issues if repair and cleaning are not included. The only way to keep your grease trap device functioning well is to clean it regularly. Here are a few more advantages of having your grease trap serviced by us:

We have customized timetables for service contracts to suit your particular needs and enable you to have peace of mind and concentrate solely on your normal daily business activities.

All reports and paperwork required by the state are duly completed, filed and kept in a safe location by our team. It is an important part of our routine maintenance. In this way, you never need to worry about the seemingly mundane compliance with the regulations and codes of Cleveland, TX.

We have a very good reputation with the establishments we serve. We also get excellent feedback on our plumbers’ work. 

Get your commercial grease traps periodically cleaned to avoid backups and expensive repairs. We can keep an eye out for any repairs or upgrades that need to be done while cleaning your grease traps. This way, during the cleaning process, we carry out an inspection on your grease trap. Simply put, regular cleaning of your grease trap will keep the system working well into the future for years.

Commercial Grease Trap Cleaning Cleveland

It’s quick to imagine that a grease interceptor is a huge chamber for capturing all the grease in our establishment. However, numerous elements in your grease trap system involve various interconnected chambers, each with its own manhole. This helps to significantly increase the system’s efficiency and makes it nearly impossible for a waste overflow to occur.

Nevertheless, with such a network of irregular chambers which have nooks and crannies, the oily/greasy waste also accumulates on the edges and sides, by design. There’s a question that makes the grease interceptor pumping and cleaning cycle much more complicated than just washing and pumping.

All the contents have to be removed from each of the chambers to ensure a proper cleaning process. As you would expect, the densest and thickest grease layers will usually fall down to the very bottom while the less dense water will be on top.

Our experts at All Pro Septic uses high-powered pumps to clear all contents of the tank easily and efficiently before the final hydro jet cleaning cycle begins. Call us today!

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Commercial Grease Trap Cleaning Near Me

A clogged grease trap will easily cause a lot of plumbing issues. You must have the rest of your plumbing system inspected during your commercial grease trap cleaning. We will check all of your plumbing systems to determine whether any issues occur. Remember that the grease trap is just one way of keeping FOG out of the supply of water in town.

There’s plenty you can do as a company owner to stop your commercial grease trap issues. Cleaning and maintenance are first among these. Check your grease trap regularly to make sure you catch problems developing in the bud. Nevertheless, cleaning is just as necessary. Some grease traps will at least be washed weekly or monthly and a half. Follow your grease trap model’s cleaning instructions to see how much to vacuum. Note that while you could clean a grease trap yourself, if you don’t have professional tools and skills, it’s often a messy, unpleasant, time-consuming job. That is why so many businesses benefit from hiring a skilled plumbing company, like us at All Pro Septic. We are going to be in and out in no time. In the long run, the service’s time-savings and efficiency will pay off big time.

Tackling the problem head-on now is much better than waiting for it to get serious. We can connect you with our plumbing professionals to clean and maintain your commercial grease traps. Call us today!


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